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The saying "talk is cheap" goes hand in hand with promises of quality.  Companies exist that produce an inferior product despite being ISO 9000 certified, and yet others with the finest measuring and testing equipment have problems with reliability because the workforce is not motivated or skilled enough to produce a good product.

At Express Ball Screw Repair we do not rely on international designations, the finest equipment or the most accurate measuring tools to supply a good product, we instead base our work ethic on experience and good old fashioned craftsmanship. Each precision rebuilt ballscrew unit is not only measured for accuracy but passes the "man" test. The man test takes precedence over the machine and a reconditioned ball screw is not shipped unless we are happy with it, even though it may test OK.

Our ball screws are rebuilt with super fine surface finishes and quality components for long life. They are individually preloaded to give the highest possible positioning accuracy. They look and perform as they did when new.

We do occasionally make mistakes but it is not in our interest to do reworks so it is paramount we get it right the first time. That is our promise to you.

For more information call: (423) 559-2153 or 800-711-2153

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